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golden trinagle tour

Golden Triangle Tours are a classic introduction to rich culture, history and tradition of India especially for the first time travelers on holidays in India. The incredible Golden Triangle tour covers the three popular cities of India- Agra, Jaipur and Delhi. Therefore, these three popular cities are famed for history, glory, architectural brilliance and grandeur. The amazing Golden Triangle Tour is the famous for the best tourist destination in India.

Places of interest:-

There are list of Golden Triangle Tours-

  • Classical forts and palaces tours
  • Delhi-Agra-Jaipur Golden Triangle Tour
  • Golden triangle tour with Lotus temple
  • Famous Taj Majah tour
  • Wildlife Golden Triangle Tour
  • India gate
  • Red fort
  • Chandni Chowk

If you are plan to make trip for amazing Golden Triangle Tour then be aware about the best Golden triangle places before packing your travel begs. We will help you to have in depth knowledge about the most attractive tourist destinations for famous Golden Triangle Tour and will give you travel trip as well.


Weather Conditions:-

During the summer season the weather in Golden Triangle is mostly hot as most part of India except the hill stations. During the rainy seasons it rains a decent amount. The weather in Golden Triangle Tour is pleasant during winters. The weather in Golden Triangle varies from month to month. Enjoy best season and pleasant weather to visit Golden Triangle Tour. If you are planning to visit Golden Triangle Tours then we will provide you weather forecast, weather information and beat season for exciting Golden Triangle Tours.


Mode of Travel:-

Amazing Golden Triangle Tours allow tourist to see different cultures. There are many transport facility available to visit famous Golden Triangle Tours and will help to make your tour more safe and easy. Following are the options-

Metro train, City buses, Rental cars, Auto rickshaw, battery buses etc. and more things to travel.


Connecting National Highway:-

The Golden Triangle is a major highway network connecting from many of the major industrial, cultural and agricultural of India.

NH A1, NH 13 is the national highway connecting from major parts of India.