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Bundi – Hadoti region – Rajasthan
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Bundi is a city in the Hadoti region of the state of Rajasthan. Bundi lies on the banks of the Chambal river. The Aravalli mountain range surrounds Bundi on 3 sides. Bundi, Rajasthan – Home to magnificent palaces and imposing forts, it has witnessed great battles and legendary tales of valour. Blessed by the bounty of nature, the land is crisscrossed with sparkling rivers, lakes and spellbinding waterfalls. The verdant greenery of nature plays host to varied and rare flora and fauna. Bundi has inspired great painters, authors and artists. From Rabindranath Tagore to Rudyard Kipling to down the ages, Bundi has been a muse to them all.

Bundi is usually not included in the standard tourist trail. This is mainly due to its relative remoteness. Bundi, however, is popular among discerning tourists for its cultural attractions. This quaint little city is fast becoming a well-liked tourist attraction owing to the fact that it is representative of the culture prevalent in Rajasthan. It is of great architectural importance since this small city is dotted with ornate forts, splendid palaces, and step well tanks also known as baoris in the local dialect.

The list of Bundi attractions include:

Bundi Palace
Taragarh Fort
Nagar Sagar twin step wells
Nawal Sagar
Sukh Mahal
Keshar Bagh
Phool Sagar